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Chiron (Until 2020) - WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: low 43.333 / medium 22.150 / high 17.986 / extra high 18.280 / combined 22.324; CO2 emissions, combined, g / km: 505.606; efficiency class: G

Chiron (From 2021) - WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: low 44.650 / medium 24.800 / high 21.290 / extra high 21.570 / combined 25.190 ; CO2 emissions, combined, g / km: 571.636; efficiency class: G

Uphold history

An inimitable vision, the powerful tradition of legendary sportscars as well as the precise craftsmanship in development, construction and manufacturing, shape the brand since being founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909. Until today, the brand embodies the pursuit of sublime perfection. A tradition to which we feel committed and that we want to carry forward with you.

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Working for Bugatti means to think anew, to embrace challenges and to constantly push boundaries. This is the driving force that unites every single employee and demands teamwork on equal terms. If you are part of Bugatti, you will face innovative and fascinating tasks to accomplish grand projects together.

Create the ultimate

At the very core of what we are doing, you will find the creation of automotive milestones of timeless excellence. With the Chiron family we produce the most powerful and exclusive hyper sports car in the world, exploring different facets of performance. The Divo, the Centodieci and the legendary La Voiture Noire further broaden the understanding of what’s possible, reflecting the modern interpretation of Bugatti’s coachbuilding tradition. Become part of these masterpieces.

Christophe Piochon

„We are always striving for perfection and artistic technology. This is our driving force and we owe it to our legendary brand.”

Christophe Piochon, Bugatti President

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BG-P/P Automotive Painter (m/w/d) PDF-Download

BG-P/P – Mechanic (m/w/d) PDF-DOWNLOAD

BG-V Specialist Dealer Network Development (m/w/d)  PDF-DOWNLOAD


BG-VK/B Head of After Sales Business Management (m/w/d) PDF-DOWNLOAD

BG-VK/B Regional After-Sales Manager EU (M/W/D) PDF - DOWNLOAD


BG-Q Intern Quality Management (M/W/D) PDF-DOWNLOAD


BG-VK/B Internship After Sales Business management (m/W/d) PDF-DOWNLOAD

BG-VK/P Internship After Sales Parts (M/W/D) PDF-DOWNLOAD

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Fuel consumption - Chiron (Until 2020)

Fuel consumption - Chiron (From 2021) / Chiron Pur Sport

Fuel consumption - Chiron Super Sport 300+

Fuel consumption - Divo

Fuel consumption - La Voiture Noire

Fuel consumption - Centodieci