Chiron Sport (Until 2020) - WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: low 43.333 / medium 22.150 / high 17.986 / extra high 18.280 / combined 22.324; CO2 emissions, combined, g / km: 505.606; efficiency class: G

Chiron Sport (From 2021) - WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: low 44.650 / medium 24.800 / high 21.290 / extra high 21.570 / combined 25.190 ; CO2 emissions, combined, g / km: 571.636; efficiency class: G



The CHIRON SPORT is BUGATTI’s breathtaking new interpretation of the ultimate super sports car, unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. A firmer chassis setting combined with lightweight components provide even sharper handling and exhilarating agility – without compromising the CHIRON’s uniquely luxurious character.

chiron sport rear


CHIRON SPORT’s bold exterior encapsulates a firmer chassis setting, all-new dynamic torque vectoring function and a sport focused suspension setup.
Expressive design features lend the interior and exterior a compelling, sporting look. Together with an overall weight saving of 18 kg, the result is an all-new character for BUGATTI CHIRON.

Chiron Sport interior


CHIRON SPORT's cabin boasts an extraordinary ambience of distinctive exhilaration and sumptuous luxury with an elegant material mix of Alcantara, leather and carbon, together with drive mode rotary knob and engine start button finished in black anodized aluminium.

Optionally, all trim parts can be finished with this black sporting touch.



Bugatt Chiron Sport rear


Firmer suspension setup (applies in handling mode only) includes a new damper control strategy for sharper and stiffer response.

Chiron Sport Dash

Experience greater performance around tight corners thanks to an optimized rear axle differential setting and the all-new dynamic torque vectoring function.

Chiron Sport divine center console

Attention to detail: the divine centre console is enhanced by optional black anodized design features.

Chiron Sport Wheel


New components, such as the  new lightweight wheels reduce the CHIRON SPORT’s weight to further increase agility.

Bugatti Chiron sport wiper

Carbon fiber windscreen wipers are a worldwide first for any production car -  another example of how BUGATTI perfect every detail to create automotive art.

Chiron Sport enginecover

Lower weight, sharper expression - a specially developed rear window sits above the stunning carbon fiber intercooler cover, which can be optionally painted in the car’s exterior color. 

Bugatti Chiron Sport exhaust


Refined racing touches give the CHIRON SPORT a bold sporting character, emphasizing the unmistakable BUGATTI blend of distinctive exhilaration and sumptuous luxury. The new four-pipe exhaust deflector leaves a lasting impression.

Chiron Sport Dash

the optional black anodized components and Alcantara detailing illustrate CHIRON SPORT's dynamic character.

Bugatti Chiron Sport Stitchting

Exquisitely crafted: the center console inlay with “CHIRON SPORT” stitching.

Chiron Sport Bezel

the optional gray carbon fiber exterior and the black anodized rear light bezel underline CHIRON SPORT´s distinct personality.

Bugatti Chiron Sport EB Logo

EB Logo shown in optional black trim highlights the character of the CHIRON SPORT.



Specially developed for those in search of a unique sporting character. The BUGATTI CHIRON SPORT combines enhanced handling performance and astonishing agility with distinctive design and superlative comfort – an unforgettable driving experience.

Chiron Sport Front
The "Italian Red" Geneva Motorshow car´s horseshoe features a red painted ´16´ to honor CHIRON's 16 cylinders.
Bugatti Chiron Sport Side
Chiron Sport Rear


The Chiron family is renowned for including some of the fastest, most powerful, and exclusive production super sports cars in BUGATTI history. Such extraordinary vehicles deserve accessories that match the exquisite design and technology quality of the car. 

BUGATTI Chiron Accessories are now available: a roster of exclusive, authentic components to bring out the personality of the Chiron. Each accessory comes with a two-year warranty. 

Discover the BUGATTI Chiron Accessories

Fuel consumption - Chiron Sport

Fuel consumption - Chiron Sport (Until 2020)

Fuel consumption - Chiron Sport (From 2021)