Bugatti Junior
with Püttmann

Bugatti Junior Collection with Püttmann
Bugatti Junior Collection with Püttmann

Collection for Junior Bugatti enthusiasts

In partnership with Püttmann, the renowned high-end children’s fashion specialist, Bugatti develops Junior collections that perfectly reflect the core values of the brand in terms of enduring luxury, exclusivity, timeless design, and exquisite quality. The collections ensure that Bugatti continues its successful presence in the exclusive world of luxury children’s fashion.


Bugatti Junior Collection with Püttmann

Exquisite wear That tells the Bugatti Story

The Bugatti Junior collection features key design and brands elements that talk about the brand’s identity, such as the macaron emblem and the French tricolor band, as well as the presence of classic Bugatti colors such as red, black, white, and the iconic blue. The use of silver foil and metallic shades in sharp contrast with black and white are a nod to the hyper sports cars in the Atelier of Molsheim.

The collection consists of around 180 pieces and ranges from newborn and toddler to kids in the age group of 4-16 years. The items are available online and in the showrooms of Püttmann and selected kids boutiques.



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