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BUGATTI customers have come to expect the extraordinary every step of the way during their journey with the brand. From individualization to delivery to servicing, BUGATTI’s customer service is as unique and unrivaled as our cars.

It reflects the same focus and attention to detail that goes into the design of every BUGATTI, through an unrivaled aftersales service delivery via our highly trained worldwide Partner Network.

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Customer Service


A BUGATTI vehicle is an extraordinary object of finest craftsmanship and most innovative technology. Just like every other perfect machine, a BUGATTI needs regular maintenance in order to keep peak performance. 

Customer Service

A BUGATTI should be serviced at least once a year, in order to ensure all systems continue to function flawlessly. It’s important that this happen even if the vehicle remains parked most of the time, due to condensation and other stand-still issues. 

Customer Service

Every new BUGATTI comes with the first four years of servicing and standard maintenance included. Standard Annual Service and Inspection for a BUGATTI Chiron takes around one week, as does the Standard Annual Service and Inspection for a Veyron. Chiron Major, the servicing process every Chiron should undergo in the 4th year since delivery, takes around two weeks to complete. 

All Standard Annual Service procedures involve over seventy different checks and actions to be carried out by BUGATTI experts who’ll put their dedication and knowledge to work to ensure your hyper sports car continues to give you the most extraordinary experience. 


The Service Partner Network is the jewel in our Customer Service crown. Its purpose is to act as a single point of contact for customers and allow our select partners to take ownership of all requirements. All our partners are required to align processes according to ISO 9001, ensuring the highest quality service for our customers and their hyper sports cars. Furthermore, all our partners have access to specialist technical support from a team of experts at our headquarters in Molsheim, in order to provide even more in-depth assistance when needed.


The Service Partner Network includes BUGATTI Service Partners and BUGATTI Service Partners of Excellence. 
A Service Partner can carry out all standard types of service and maintenance, with the work being performed by a trained BUGATTI technician. 
A Service Partner of Excellence can carry out all standard types of service and maintenance, plus more complex aspects of maintenance work and specialized repairs. 



BUGATTI Veyron and Chiron owners know their cars are high-tech masterpieces that need regular care and attention in order to be maintained in peak condition to ensure optimum performance. The Passeport Tranquillité service program has been designed to provide a Veyron or Chiron owner with the ultimate peace of mind, knowing their vehicle will be cared for by highly trained BUGATTI experts.


Customer Service on Bugatti Veyron

Passeport Tranquillité Veyron

Owners of the era-defining Veyron can choose between an Active or Collector service plan, each program tailored to meet the needs of their driving habits: after all, even a hyper sports car that drives less than 200 km a year requires inspection and maintenance. The service program can be split over a two- or four-year plan: both options include one service per annum that takes around one week to complete.

Previous Veyron Loyalty Maintenance Program is no longer available for purchase, however existing contracts will remain valid until the original service contract period expires or all applicable services are utilized.

Customer Service on Bugatti Chiron

Passeport Tranquillité Chiron

The groundbreaking automotive engineering of the BUGATTI Chiron is also served by the Passeport Tranquillité Program. As the first-produced Chirons head toward the end of their 4th year of operation, the Passeport Tranquiilité Chiron program has been designed to reflect the models’ specific service intervals from its 5th year onward.

The Passeport Tranquillité Chiron program is set for four years and includes a yearly “Low” service, estimated at around one week of workshop time, and a “Major” service every four years, which is to be completed in around two weeks.

Customer Service

Added Value Features

For Veyron customers, the Passeport Tranquillité program includes the additional option of purchasing tires at a preferential price. Additionally, the plans ensure each Veyron or Chiron owner has the chance to maintain the look and feel of their BUGATTI through an included Car Care Detailing Kit.

An extra feature planned for the future is the inclusion of transport for a customer’s BUGATTI to an authorized Service Partner in case of mechanical issues. This premium recovery service will also provide onward personal travel for the customer while organizing for their Chiron or Veyron to be taken care of.

Customer Service


While tailored plans exist for Veyron and Chiron, owners of multiple BUGATTI models can further shape their package to meet their needs with the help of BUGATTI Partners. The Passeport Tranquillité is assigned to the BUGATTI so that the plan will be passed onto the new owner should the vehicle ever be sold. Most important, the program is designed with customers at the forefront: owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that when their BUGATTI requires a service or inspection, it will find itself in the capable hands of our expert technicians.

Bugatti Veyron


To ensure an experience of the highest quality coupled with peace of mind and reliability, each new vehicle is currently supplied with a four-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

The warranty ensures the full coverage of mechanical and electrical components, as well as corrosion or paintwork faults. Standard exclusions include wear and tear items and modifications and any damage as a result of accident – more detail is available in the Owner’s Manual.

All work on the vehicle must be carried out by a BUGATTI authorized Service Partner and in conjunction with regular servicing and maintenance. All warranties apply to the vehicle and are not tied to the customer. Any replacement work undertaken under warranty, including the parts used and labor costs, are completely free of charge.

In the unlikely event of a BUGATTI being subject to a Vehicle Recall process, please click here to explore our Recall VIN search engine, which will allow you to check whether your individual BUGATTI is involved in any open Service-related recall.


As the outcome of unique engineering performances and savoir-faire, each and every Bugatti provides its driver with an unrivaled experience on and off the road.
This is why, additionally to delivery and services, we place relevant focus on assisting you along the way wherever and whenever the need may arise. All vehicles are covered under Bugatti Approved Warranty or with a “Passeport Tranquillité” in mainland Europe: this service ensures that you stay mobile, and that relevant action is taken in the event of a breakdown, an accident, theft, or any kind of vandalism. 



A BUGATTI achieves its maximum and peak performance when there is perfect synergy between each and every one of its components – this is only achieved through the use of original genuine spare parts.

Each part in the vehicle is designed and engineered to meet the performance, reliability, safety and durability demanded of a BUGATTI.

BUGATTI technicians use only original BUGATTI genuine spare parts and components and in doing so are able to maintain the excellence and uniqueness of the BUGATTI over its lifetime.

Each BUGATTI genuine spare part is supplied with a two-year warranty.


BUGATTI vehicles achieve their peak performance when there is a perfect synergy between every component. Original, genuine BUGATTI Accessories are designed to exalt the unique qualities of each car, allowing for the ultimate personalization.

Each accessory is engineered to meet the performance, reliability, safety, and durability demanded by the marque. 

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