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BUGATTI Automobiles has been at the pinnacle of the automotive industry for over 110 years, creating the world’s most powerful and luxurious cars from its home in Molsheim, France. Every car crafted since the company was founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909 is desired by collectors and praised for its comfort, design, technology and performance.

Throughout its history, BUGATTI has had a number of ingenious custodians, each ushering in a new era with their individual blend of artistry and engineering excellence. Following Ettore and his son Jean Bugatti, the brand was revived by Romano Artioli in the late 1980s. His creation, the EB110, introduced a number of innovations that set a new benchmark for sports car performance, including a quad-turbocharged engine, carbon fiber monocoque and advanced four-wheel-drive system.

In the early 2000s, BUGATTI entered another level under the stewardship of Ferdinand Piëch. With the introduction of the VEYRON, BUGATTI created an entirely new segment: the hyper sports car, becoming the first production model to break through 1,000 PS and 400 km/h. In 2016, the CHIRON once again redefined speed and usability. Built around an evolution of the VEYRON’s 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 a derivative of the CHIRON with 1,600 PS became the first series production vehicle to break the 300 mph barrier. The legendary W16 engine is also at the heart of highly exclusive coach built models: the DIVO, LA VOITURE NOIRE, CENTODIECI, BOLIDE AND W16 MISTRAL.

Today, BUGATTI is part of the BUGATTI RIMAC Group, guided by CEO Mate Rimac. A new era is dawning, inspired by the immortal words of the company's founder, Ettore: "If comparable, it is no longer BUGATTI." Mate will oversee the development of the next-generation of BUGATTI hyper sports cars, combining more than 110 years of innovation in combustion engines with the instant performance of the electric motor.

BUGATTI’s ethos of excellence in design and engineering extends far beyond the automotive world, with an inspiring range of BUGATTI products and experiences that bring the magic of Molsheim to enthusiasts all over the world. Every product that bears the famous BUGATTI ‘Macaron’ must uphold the BUGATTI brand values: Dedication, Excellence, Courage.